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Guide to Enrolment

Entry Criteria

To be considered for admission:

  • All applicants aged 18 or over will be considered
  • All applicants are assessed on their merits, not only on their academic achievement
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of spoken and written English
  • Selection is based on applicants meeting entry criteria and available spaces on the programme
  • Applicants will be informed of their place by letter, phone call or in person.

You will need the following documents to enrol:

  • Valid Student Visa
  • Insurance
To start the enrolment process click here to proceed to our international student enrolment portal.

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

Students with existing qualifications or experience relevant to programme content may apply for RPL. The Course Advisor will explain the RPL procedure if this is applicable to you.

Programme and Holiday Dates

Please refer to the Schedule of Proposed dates for the programme timetable. Applications close one week prior to course commencement. Late applications will be held over, subject to availability of space. We reserve the right to cancel or amend programme streams and holiday dates. Students will be notified of any changes at the earliest possible opportunity.

Fee Protection

Student fees will be held in a trust, call the Public Trust, in compliance with section 236a of the Education Act 1989 as amended by the Education Amendment Act (No4) 1991. The Public Trust is a government owned trust company. For more information on fee protection call 0800 494 733 or visit their website.

Tuition Fees, Course Costs and NZQA Fees

Information on fees, GST, course costs and the withdrawal and refund policy is clearly explained within the application form. 

The course cost list, which includes tools and materials needed for the course is available on the student handbook. The academy reports credits on a regular basis.

There is no extra charge for cross credits gained. The official New Zealand Qualifications Authority record of learning for unit standards achieved on the National Qualifications Framework can be obtained from NZQA at your expense. Students can access their results via the NZQA website.

Items of extra personal expenses may include

  • Writing materials and stationery for theory classes.
  • Photographic fees for photo shoots (optional extra)
  • Hairdressing products used for chemical assessments
  • Field trips (optional extra)
  • Competition entry fees and related expenses incurred (optional extra)
  • Cost of replenishing kit items

The New Zealand Government has imposed an international student levy on tuition and course related fees. From 1 January 2019 the levy will be 0.89% of the compulsory tuition fees.

Withdrawal and refund

It is your responsibility to report your withdrawal from a course in writing. Any fees outstanding will still be expected to be paid until official notification of the withdrawal is received. For your protection, course fees are held in the Public Trust for the duration of your training.

Post-programme Support

Students are also invited to keep in contact with Cut Above Academy management, who maintain links with employers. 

Equity of Educational Opportunity

Cut Above Academy believes in giving everyone a fair go. We support the principles of equal educational opportunity, competency based training and recognition of prior learning (RPL). To help with these goals we have set in place the following.

  • Admission procedures that are fair and equitable and impose no unreasonable barriers
  • Admission policies that honour the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Support for applicants with disabilities or special needs
  • Policies and procedures to investigate reports of discrimination. 

Alteration and Deferral

All requests for enrolment alterations or deferral to another course must be made in writing to the Education Manager. If you fail to complete the course for a valid reason, such as an injury or illness, you can apply in writing to do a later course.

This will need to be supported by evidence, such as a doctor’s certificate. If the deferral request is approved, the academy will recalculate the fees and issue a revised notice.

Human Rights Policies

We are committed to providing an environment that is free from harassment or discrimination of a sexual, racial, academic or religious nature. Procedures to investigate and/or resolve such complaints and policies to prevent the occurrence of such complaints are set in place.

Internal Liaison Process

The Education Manager will ensure that tutors:

  • Assist students in their learning needs and monitor their progress through the programme.
  • Assist students to develop the skills of self-learning contract.
  • Inform students of appropriate internal or external agencies for counseling or complaints resolution.

The Course Advisors will:

  • Ensure that students receive appropriate advice on suitability of their chosen course of study.
  • Ensure that students receive appropriate financial advice.
  • Ensure that students receive written guidelines outlining welfare and support at enrolment.
  • Supply information on suitable accommodation for out-of-town students.
  • Supply information on transport, parking and local amenities.

The Student Liaison Advisor will:

  • Ensure that students receive written guidelines outlining welfare and support at enrolment.
  • Supply information on suitable accommodation for out-of-town students,
  • Supply information on transport, parking and local amenities.
  • Assist with graduate job placements.
  • Track and report graduate destinations.

International Students

Cut Above Academy complies with the Code of practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. A copy of this is available from the Student Liaison Advisor.

Minimum statutory requirements are:

  • Certified copy of English language test (Academic IELTS, TOEFL or recognised equivalent. Note: (These results are valid for two years from exam date).
  • Certified copies of all relevant academic documents (transcripts as well as award certificates).
  • Certified copy of birth certificate or passport.
  • Evidence of relevant work experience (including references).

Privacy Act Statement

The personal information collected at the time of your enrolment will be held on the student administration database and will be available only to authorised staff of the Cut Above Academy.

Statistical information derived from this database may be made available to external organisations, but will be supplied in such a manner as to ensure that the individuals privacy is protected.

Cut Above Academy undertakes to collect and maintain student personal information in a manner consistent with the Privacy Act of 1993.