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Jan Tang

Hairdressing Emerging Stylists Level 4

What course did you complete? When?

I completed Level 3 at the end of last year and Level 4 last month (29th September 2017)

Did you always want to be in the hairdressing industry?

Yes, I have always been interested in fashion and hair seemed like a good option 

Why did you choose a course at Cut Above?

It was close to home and it looked good. The team at Cut Above Manukau are amazing, it’s like a big family. 

How has your course at Cut Above helped you?

The course helped me to improve my confidence a lot. It made me feel more comfortable when talking to clients as English is my second language. It has also helped me to achieve the hairstyles that my clients want.

Have you won any awards or been selected as a finalist for any competitions? How did you feel?

•    2016 - After being in the course for 7 weeks I entered the Cut Above competitions for the hair by night contest. I came 1st for the Cut Above Auckland Competition.

•    2016 – Runner up for NZARH Auckland Regional – Next Generation Stylist competition + The hair by night – Live Event

•    2017 - Winner of the GHD Instagram photo competition.

•    2017 - Winner of NZARH Auckland Regional - Next Generation Stylist competition for the Live Cut + Day Style hair.

-    Runner up for The Next Generation Stylist -The Colour Presentation Event

•    2017 - Winner of the Auckland Top regional stylist newcomer

•    2017 - Member of Supreme team representing Auckland against the rest of NZ

•    2017 - Graduated with Excellence from Level 4 hairdressing

Throughout these competitions, I felt a lot of pride in the work I was accomplishing, I was shocked to see how far I had come, these awards came as a surprise.

Where are you working now? And what is your role?

At the moment I'm not working full-time as I’m very excited to be starting the Level 4 make-up course at Cut Above City Campus. I recently worked on a paid commercial styling hair, which Cut Above referred me for. I'm studying make-up as it may help me to get more freelance work by having hair and make-up skills

What is the most exciting aspect of your job?

When I do my client's hair and see their face light up when it's all done.

Did your course live up to your expectations?

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed every day. Love learning with Julie, Dylan and Bronwyn.

What were the highlights of your course?

Everything. I loved learning hair-ups, how to style the hair well and to do perfect highlights and learning colouring techniques.

What is one of the lessons you’ve learnt through your experience to date?

No matter how you are feeling GET-UP, DRESS-UP AND SHOW-UP with a smile!